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Noninvasive CTA (CT Angiogram)


By Dr. Sujata Vaidya , Non-Invasive Conservative Cardiac Care

Non-Invasive CT or Computerized Tomography Angiogram is an imaging exam finished on your heart to check a condition of a arteries. This imaging exam differs from a normal exam in a clarity that it doesn’t use a catheter that is upheld by your blood vessels to strech your heart. This is a non-invasive procession definition it doesn’t need medicine or a insertion of medical inclination into a body.

How does a CTA work?

For a CTA to work, doctors will firstly inject a contrariety element abounding in iodine into your body. Your physique is afterwards put by a CT scanner for diagnosing and evaluating a illness or any infection associated to your blood vessels like blockages or aneurysms (sudden flourishing of a artery wall). It uses a clever X-ray appurtenance for procuring images of a heart and a blood vessels. The biggest advantage of this procession is that it is non-invasive and so we don’t need time to recover. Due to a flexibility, Non-invasive CTAs are solemnly surging as a renouned choice for carrying out tests in people pang from heart conditions.


The Non-invasive CTA is achieved to check a condition of your blood vessels of a following areas:

  • Heart
  • Neck
  • Brain
  • Pelvis
  • Abdomen including kidneys and liver
  • Legs
  • Hands

What does it do?

This procession is finished for a following reasons:

  1. To check either there is any monstrosity in any of a arteries.
  2. To check either there is any board build adult (a kind of element done adult of greasy hankie and deposits) in a carotid artery located on your neck. This buildup can shorten blood upsurge to a mind causing intelligent attacks.
  3. To detect board rave that might have resulted in a squeezing of a arteries to a legs, before a surgeon can be prepared for a medicine in that region.
  4. To detect infections in a arteries of a kidneys and to also check either one needs a kidney transplant.
  5. To brand either there are any injuries in a arteries of a abdomen, pelvis or neck area mostly perceived due to remarkable earthy trauma.

Apart from that, it shows a power of a coronary artery diseases and either we need to bear surgeries like stenting(widening of a arteries by putting in outmost supports) or a coronary bypass.

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