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Stress and Sex Life

Stress and Sex Life

By Dr Inderjeet Singh, Sexology

Stress and sex are a bad combination. It is common that highlight causes a person’s sex life to suffer. Listed next are few ways in that highlight can impact your sex life:

  1. Negative Body Image: The hormones compared with highlight are able of inspiring your metabolism. If we benefit weight or feel sluggish, it creates we feel bad about your possess body, that in spin hinders your enterprise to trigger sex. A reduce self-image leads to reduction volume of sex and in turn, creates attribute problems. One of a categorical sources of highlight can be your relationship; if we can't maintain it, it competence lead to betterment of stress.
  2. Negative Effect on Libido: Cortisol is a hormone that is constructed by stress. It is indispensable by a physique in tiny doses and over brief durations of time. Increase in highlight over a duration of time formula in increasing levels of cortisol, that lead to termination of sex hormones. Lower volume of sex hormones formula in reduce libido.
  3. Excessive Drinking: It is of common believe that people splash to soothe stress. Maximum times, increasing highlight levels lead to extreme drinking. Men have problem carrying erections after they splash too much. In women, additional ethanol causes dehydration, ensuing in reduced lubrication. These problems lead to lifeless sex.
  4. Impact on Fertility and Menstrual Cycle: In women, highlight affects a pituitary gland that is obliged for a thyroid, ovaries and adrenal glands. Improper functioning of a ovaries can adversely impact a menstrual cycle. Periods competence turn strange or menstruation competence stop. If we wish to plead about any specific problem, we can deliberate a sexologist and ask a giveaway question.

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