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Homeopathic Remedies for Bloating and Gas


By Dr. Prashant Ruikar, Homeopathy

Bloating is a condition in that a stomach swells adult and a influenced chairman starts feeling uneasy. It affects both children and adults. Gas is a condition that is characterized by bloating, burping and pain in your abdomen. It customarily forms when swallowed atmosphere reacts with a gases combined by a stomach germ violation down a undigested food in your vast intestine. Excessive gas by itself can also lead to bloating of a stomach.

Gas can also means a lot of problems if not treated on time, such as:

  1. Acute and remarkable abdominal pain.
  2. Vomiting due to nausea caused by gas.
  3. Weight loss if gas arrangement or bloating becomes chronic.
  4. Fainting can also be an early sign of extreme gas build up.
  5. Bleeding from a anus in serious cases.

Homeopathy For Bloating and Gas-

Homeopathy can be a good assistance for those who humour from this too many gas problem. Some of a common homeopathic medicines for bloating and gas are-

  1. Carbo-Vegetabilis – This is presumably a many ordinarily prescribed pill for common gas and bloating associated disorders. This pill is effective in treating bloating and gas arrangement in a top abdominal region. Symptoms where this pill competence be prescribed embody green burping with a blazing sensation, service with flitting breeze and even slight problems in breathing.
  2. Magnesium Phosphorus – An effective pill if we are have pain in your reduce stomach due to a accumulation of gas. The pain competence be a consistent cramping pain or it competence come and go. Hiccups and belching competence also accompany a episodes of stomach pain.
  3. Natrum Carbonicum – Some people have to stay on really limiting diets for many of their lives due to a fear of gas and bloating. Certain food equipment competence unexpected trigger a unpleasant build adult of gas and also means bloating. Milk products can means diarrhea with these people as well. Natrum Carbonicum works wonders in such cases.
  4. Nux Vomica – If your bloating is caused by indigestion afterwards Nux Vomica is one of a best options out there to scold this problem.
  5. Lycopodium – If we have a bent to of bloating or gas after immoderate onion or garlic, Lycopodium is a good remedy.
  6. Pulsatilla – Naither ordinarily used medication, pulsatilla is use when we have delayed digestive complement and bloating is caused by eating honeyed products such as ice-creams or cakes and greasy food in general.

These are usually a few of a ordinarily used Homeopathic remedies and are mentioned usually to emanate recognition about a efficacy of Homeopathic medicines for bloating and gas. It is not advisable to review to self-medication for any disease.

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