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Premature Ejaculation: Causes, Symptoms, Risks and Treatment


By Dr. Pradeep Kolhe, Sexology

Premature ejaculation is an rash ejaculation of semen; possibly before to or right after a penetration; with minimal passionate stimulation. This can be a means of unsuitable sex both for both a partners involved.


Psychological Causes:

  1. Doctors are of a opinion that indulging in passionate encounters early on in life might trigger a settlement of beforehand ejaculation that is generally formidable to be altered in one’s after life.
  2. Anxiousness in removing an construction might lead to a robe of rushed ejaculation
  3. Anxiety, shame and depression.
  4. Relationship issues with your partner.

Biological Causes:

  1. Abnormal hormonal levels
  2. Abnormal turn of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals)
  3. Abnormality in a ejaculatory system’s automatic activity
  4. Certain thyroid disorders such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism
  5. Infection and inflammation of a urethra or prostate
  6. Inherited factors and traits
  7. Nerve repairs due to mishap or surgery; nonetheless a rare


The primary denote of beforehand ejaculation is a inability to check semen liberate by a smallest of one minute; right after invasion or even during masturbation.


  1. If we consistently have difficulty in removing or progressing an erection, we might be during a larger risk of beforehand ejaculation.
  2. The risk also heightens if we humour from opening anxiety.
  3. Stress can extent your ability to concentration and relax during a passionate intercourse; a dual factors that are essentially compulsory when we indulge in lovemaking.


  1. In sequence to pill this condition, one should extent his ethanol intake and refrain from smoking.
  2. Practicing certain techniques that check ejaculation such as training to commend and conduct those sensations that kindle a ejaculation can assistance as well.
  3. Using a condom each time while carrying sex can assistance minimize a sensations gifted by a penis, so loitering ejaculation
  4. Changing and perplexing out opposite postures while carrying sex can rather assistance in loitering ejaculation.
  5. Behavioral therapy or conversing can cut out stress that might have differently triggered beforehand ejaculation.
  6. Various AYURVEDIC formulations are intensely effective and successful. Such patients might hit AYURVEDIC doctor.

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