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Wooly Hair Syndrome

Wooly Hair Syndrome

By Dr Rekha Yadav, Trichology

Wooly hair syndrome is characterized by scarcely curly and frizzy hair that combine together. If we have this syndrome, your hair will be lighter than a normal colour. The hair is also really counterfeit or dry, creation them disposed to breakage.

Usually, wooly hair syndrome is confused with naturally curly hair. But in curly hair, a curls do not form clumps on a scalp, like they do in a box of wooly hair syndrome. Also, wooly hair possibly manifests all over a scalp, or sojourn tranquil in one or some-more areas.

Wooly hair syndrome is temporary. It heals with age; a child cheerless by it would be healed by a time he/she enters adulthood.


The symptoms of downy hair include:

  1. Coiled hair that are densely weaved together
  2. Dry hair disposed to breakage
  3. Irregular pigmentation

Irregular pigmentation is also beheld in some children influenced by this inborn abnormality. The symptoms of this condition is clearly manifest right from a time of birth and in some well-developed cases, it start to rise from a decline stage.


Woolly hair mostly appears during decline due to a genetic components in a body. Basically, downy hair is a outcome of possibly a recessive or widespread genetic trait. It is a genetic disorder, and there is still investigate going on to know it better.


In many scenarios, a syndrome gradually lessens with age. Even yet this condition has no other potentially damaging effects on your health, it does impact your appearance, and this might force we to provide a uncontrolled hair with oppressive chemicals. Doctors strongly advise opposite this. Instead, we can use oils and lotions that are hair-friendly to conduct your hair. If we wish to plead about any specific problem, we can deliberate a alloy and ask a giveaway question.

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