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How To Treat Erythrasma?


By Dr. Shruti Kohli, Dermatology

Erythrasma is a form of skin illness where brown, scaly rags are shaped on a skin. This illness is caused by a Gram-positive micro-organism famous as Corynebacterium minutissimum. This form of skin illness occurs among diabetic patients and portly people. This illness is some-more common in comfortable climates.

Usually, a limit of an erythrasma infection is well-defined and there is a pointy limit benefaction between a influenced area and a normal skin. Initially, a scaly rags are red or pinkish in color, that gradually spin brown.

This infection customarily appears in a folds of a skin in a groin and middle thigh region, underneath arms and in between a toes.


The common symptoms of erythrasma include:

  1. The skin turns dry and pinkish and reddish-brown, and scaly rags appear.
  2. Itching and blazing prodigy is experienced.
  3. Headaches, tiredness, flourishing in body and weight benefit are indicated.
  4. Abdominal, chest and corner pain start along with pain in a urinary tract.
  5. Sometimes, this illness develops in a defect of a bum and in folds underneath a breasts in women.


  1. Erythrasma can be diagnosed by a medicine by looking delicately during a influenced area. In certain cases, a Wood’s flare is required. This device shines UV light on a skin and helps a alloy to inspect a skin disease. Some areas can be scraped with a little blade by a alloy in sequence to collect samples. These samples are tested in a laboratory to establish a accurate diagnosis.
  2. You contingency dumpy a rags on your skin with an anti- bacterial soap as this would assistance in subsiding a unreasonable or infection. Gels and verbal remedy contingency be prescribed by your doctor.
  3. Topical antibiotic lotions, like erythromycin and clindamycin should be practical to a influenced area for correct healing.
  4. A resolution of aluminum chloride can be used, that helps in predicament of sweating and moisture.
  5. Whitfield’s ointment, an salve stoical of benzoic poison and salicylic acid, can be used.
  6. Several verbal antibiotics such as clarithromycin are also effective.
  7. The idea of these medicines is to get absolved of a infection and prevent serve complications. Antibacterial products discharge a bacteria.
  8. Photodynamic therapy can be used to heal erythrasma regulating red light. Rashes are also treated this way.

You contingency follow these tips for impediment of erythrasma:

  1. Try to say a correct weight and hygiene.
  2. Stay divided from impassioned feverishness and moisture.
  3. Use antibacterial soaps.
  4. Use erythromycin gels.
  5. Use antibiotics in box of impassioned infections.

Erythrasma is a skin illness that is caused by damaging bacteria. It affects a skin in a form of scaly patches, and correct diagnosis should be taken to heal this disease.

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