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All About Hair Transplant


By Dr. Siddharth Sakhiya, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

Like good health and youth, now, many of us take caring of a hair for granted, until they’re gone! Unfortunately many might not be means to deliver them since of opposite reasons. For these people, a hair transplant can assistance them move behind what looks like a full conduct of hair. A hair transplant is a procession in that a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon moves hair to a bald area of a head. The surgeon customarily moves hair from a behind or side of a conduct to a front or tip of a head. Hair transplants typically start in a well-equipped Operation Theatre underneath internal anaesthesia. Getting a hair transplant can urge your coming and courage to a good extent.

Good possibilities for a hair transplant include:

  1. Men with male-pattern baldness
  2. Women with serious disband hair loss
  3. Anyone who has mislaid hair from a bake or damage (Scar Alopecia)

Hair deputy isn’t a good choice for:

  1. Women with a wide-spread/ Very serious hair detriment via a scalp
  2. People who don’t have adequate ‘donor’ hair sites from that to mislay hair for transplant
  3. People who form keloid scars (thick, sinewy scars) after damage or surgery
  4. People whose hair detriment is due to remedy like chemotherapy or some medical condition like Alopecia Areata


  1. Planning and comment before a operation
  2. Harvesting Methods: The studious is done pain giveaway with assistance of internal anaesthesia after which transplantation is performed. Common hair transplant methods to select from are:
    • Follicular section transplant (FUT)- Strip harvesting
    • Follicular section descent (FUE)

Care Post Operation:

After a surgery, we need to take pain medicine for several days. You will be prescribed an antibiotic or an anti-inflammatory drug to take for several days. Most people are means to lapse to work on really subsequent day or limit by 2-5 days after a procedure. The treated area should be stable from object and dust. Head rinse can be started after 48 hrs. It is advisable to equivocate perspirating practice for 15 days.

After transplant, chairman grasp best firmness during 10 month- 1 year. It is advisable to take some specific medicines for hair expansion for a year or some-more to say best density.

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