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Intestinal Worms in Humans – Signs & Symptoms, Adults, Children

By Dr Chhavi Bansal , Homeopathy

Human viscera play horde to organisms famous as tapeworms. These little worms are prosaic and segmented in appearance. The primary reason for tapeworm infection is a expenditure of undercooked beef from animals that are infected. This parasitic infection in animals is caused while extending in fields and celebration infested water.

Even yet tapeworm infections in humans means teenager symptoms and are simply treatable, some cases competence knowledge critical and deadly problems. Therefore, it is imperative to be wakeful of a symptoms and be able of safeguarding yourself and your family.


People are customarily putrescent by one or some-more of a 6 class of tapeworm. They are identifiable by a animals from that they originate. Tapeworms are famous to have a lifecycle consisting of 3 stages – egg, maggot and adult. It is in a adult theatre that a worm is able of producing some-more eggs. Since it is probable for a worms in their larval form to dig a flesh of their hosts, a infection occurs on expenditure of undercooked or tender beef from an animal that has been infected.


Some symptoms caused due to tapeworm are:

1. Weakness

2. Nausea

3. Abdominal Pain

4. Diarrhoea

5. Fatigue

6. Loss of ardour or hunger

7. Loss of Weight

These symptoms competence or competence not be indispensably ensuing from a tapeworm infection. The usually clear pointer of a tapeworm infection is that some segments of a worm, presumably moving, competence be during a bowel movement. It is really singular that a critical snarl is caused due to tapeworms. Yet, one such snarl would be blockages occurring in a intestines. If a larvae moves out from a intestine, they competence quit to other viscera and in turn, means repairs to a liver, heart, eyes and brain. Some of these infections competence be fatal.

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