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How To Deal With Generation Gap?

By Dr. Hemamalini Lakshminarasimhan, Psychology What is a Generation Gap? Generation opening can be tangible as a disproportion in opinion among people entrance from opposite generations per amicable or domestic beliefs. This disproportion in opinions can lead to disagreement between a people concerned. The difference that is combined as a outcome of …

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Psychophysiology of Sexual Responses

By Dr.  Amit Joshi, Sexology Psychophysiology is a bend of scholarship that describes about a attribute between a physiology and psychology (mental responses). It explains about a physiological changes in response to a change in a mood. Psychophysiology of passionate response narrates about a physiological changes that start with a passionate desires. …

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The Role of Physiotherapy in Pre and Post Natal Women

By Dr. Amit Kumar, Physiotherapy Pregnancy comes with a horde of hormonal shifts inside a woman’s body. With serious hormonal changes, we competence protest of a series of corporeal heedfulness and aches. This is positively normal and can be treated by physiotherapy. Before we excavate low into a purpose of physiotherapy, let …

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Homeopathy and Back Pain

By Dr. Sonali Sawale, Homeopathy Back pain can be felt anywhere between a neck and tail bone. However, a reduce behind is a many common site for behind pain. It is called lumbago. Back pain can be strident or ongoing in nature. It competence be of muscle, bone, corner or haughtiness origin. …

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